Why does my ex keep leaving when I am around?

I know it seems crazy but I was with a guy for 5 months who lives in the same neighborhood and right down the street from me. I liked him a lot and I thought he liked me too. we acted liked a couple hanging out, slept over his place, going to the movies, eating out, etc. later on suddenly he became a jerk to me and said really mean stuff to me. I was really hurt and asked myself why is he acting like this when he said how much he liked me and cared about me that put me down. I overheard him talking to my parents how much he liked me, cared, and he wouldn't hurt me. When he was being a jerk he would flake on me and made excuses. he barely talked to me I had a feeling it will be over really soon. I finally heard from him and he dumped me through text. month later I caught him with another girl, he saw me and walked away. I was extremely hurt. ever since then when he sees me he avoids me weird ways. I avoid and ignore him because he really hurt me. its been months and when I am around he leaves. its been 5 months since the breakup. if he moved on why is he still avoiding me and leaves when I am around?


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  • I agree with anon.
    He is embarrassed/regretting what he has done

    • regret hurting me or being in a relationship with me?

    • Regreting how he ended it is my guess,
      Maybe having doubts that he got it wrong

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  • He's most likely embarrassed of how things ended up, but also could be that he's avoiding getting into an argument concerning what happened to you guys. I'm really sorry you had to go through that. I hope you find a better person. <3


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  • Self worth issues OR self pity OR something he is ashamed of.
    Well, depends on the details which are lacking in your para,

  • He regrets his behavior towards you.

    • what do you mean he regrets his behavior towards me?

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    • he feels bad how he treated me when he told me how much he liked and cared about me? he treated me bad at the end of our relationship and everything was good and fine til the ending

    • Yes!

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