What is my ex thinking if I don't contact him?

We were together for 3 years and broke up about a week ago. He says he needs space and wants to work on himself. He says it has nothing to do with me. We've broken up in the past and it is always the same pattern...

The past week we've had a bit of contact every day besides yesterday and today. I'm planning on waiting a week to contact him. Typically my pattern is to try to contact him over and over, and he knows this. By not contacting him for a week or a bit longer what will he think? Is he thinking about me? Will this unexpected no contact help my chances at getting back together?


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  • Seems as though it is one of 2 things. 1. He wants freedom to do other girls and then just expects you'll be waiting for him. 2. He has low self-esteem and you constantly calling him trying to get back together makes him feel powerful.

    Why would you want to get back with someone who has this sort of pattern? Ignore him. Then, if he comes crawling back you tell him that you need time to work on you and maybe go out with other guys to see what YOU want. Tell him to call you in a week. Then when he contacts you and wants to get back together tell him this is his LAST chance and that you will NOT yoyo with him anymore. You deserve better than someone who walks on your feelings like that.


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  • If he says it's got nothing to do with you, I think personally that he just wants to have fun with other girls. A guy who wants and treasures you would come back to you no matter what. Breaking up all the time isn't exactly a good thing, I'm assuming you guys have broken up more than once? Don't play the waiting game, if he wasn't prepared to make this work then walk away from all of this. You deserve better!


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  • Hard to say really.. what do you do call him, text him repeatedly? God, that's irritating.. for me at least.
    Not contacting him will make him think you are indifferent.
    What's unexpected would be showing up outside his house or giving him a postcard with drawings (seems lame but works miracles!).
    And remember Spamming is hated everywhere - internet and RL.

  • guess he'll assume u don't like him


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