What should I do? How should I feel?

I ran into this woman I used to like. Things ended because we wanted different things and she was relapsing with her depression. I couldn't handle it after my divorce with my bipolar wife. She would send me msgs every day and I ignored her because I couldn't handle her anxiety attacks. We met through a mutual friend and I started having feelings for her and we dated. Cara was pissed and flipped out on her friend saying she turned her back on just to flirt with me. I ended up dating Eliza for 6 months now. cara came up to and was almost in tears. She apologized telling me how low her self esteem used to be because of her depression which was caused by inflammation in her head. She said I was the first person she ever pushed away because of her depression and asked for a chance to be friends. She said we really got along before her relapse and she knew her behaviour was wrong so she sought help. What should I do? Should I forgive her? Should I feel bad for ignoring her and dating her friend?
Anyone else?
Should I give her a chance?


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  • you should forgive her.

    • Should I be her friend too?

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