Should I even be upset?

Part of me is, and part of me really isn't. My now ex-boyfriend was incredibly clingy. Got upset when I asked for space, because I was losing myself in the chaos that my life became. My immediate family is very close to me, and something happened that made us all sort of stop, and our lives changed for the worse in so many ways. I decided to take on a financial feat in order to ease the suffering; so I took up a second job. I told my now ex-boyfriend that I wasn't sure if I'd have as much time to spend with him, if time at all considering my work week. He suggested that I sleep a few hours less, and ask for days off. Now, if I could afford to take days off, I would. Sleep? Not a feasable thing to ask of someone who's gonna be tired as hell all the time from working. Now, he broke up with me because he said he can't handle someone who can't make time for dates. I never said anything about not talking, or calling. I just said I can't commit the time to SEE him, because I need to rest. Now, after being told that I was selfish for doing what I'm doing, and being told that I don't have any space in my heart for anyone but family, then dumped;
should I even be upset? Because part of me, really doesn't give a shit.


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  • leave him in the dust. he sounds like a loser. you dont need people in your life dragging you down.


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  • He sounds annoying. He is not worth it for you to cry over. remember that there are plenty of fishes in the sea! :)


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