Why say "You deserve better" to someone breaking up when odds are they really don't deserve better?

Seriously... odds are, their ex has someone telling them the same thing. And both of them are likely at fault for the breakdown of the relationship.


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  • you deserve better mean you deserve some better for you. not necessarily deserve a better person in general. sometimes two really great people are together and they break up. they just deserve someone better for them and their needs/ wants/desires/whatever.

    • I see where you are coming from. But it seems awfully judgmental of the situation and the other partner, from where I stand.

    • it is, i agree. but thats how most people are. it's not really fair but it's the best we can do when we want to make you feel better.

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  • I get your point but really it's just to make them feel better, which really doesn't help.

    • Isn't there something more useful to say to them than that cliche, though?

    • I agree, hmmmm usually most people use that as a reason to bad mouth the person that the person was with and show their true feelings about them. As far as saying something more productive than you deserve better, I think they're all cliché.

    • Maybe time heals everything give it time and it'll get better?

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