No contact rule... ex (Sort of ex!) getting angry?

long story short we were friends with benefits then feelings happened mutually... then the L word got thrown around... I wanted to make us a real thing but he said he can't do a relationship he is still too screwed up over the mother of his child leaving him. So we argued, I wanted to meet up and clear the air to be friends and he said we keep going in circles best thing to do is not talk for a while let feelins settle down and then we can be friends... so I started no contact to help me move on

day 3 into it and he texts me asking me a favour I didn't reply and an hour later he said "I guess not thanks anyway"

my question is should I respond to stop him from being shitty (we are in the same friends circle) or just continue with my healing... which is going so far so good?


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  • just ignore him. if he's going to be a sarcastic meanie he's not worth the effort. maybe he'll come around. maybe he won't. but either way just try to be happy and just do you :)


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  • Ignore him, I've had a similar situation to yours and it's never a good thing to text back, move on and find someone who will value you.

  • dont respond to him.


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