Did she just use me to get a raise?

Ok so I have this buisness, its pretty big and I started it about 5 years ago, about 8 months ago this girl started working there. She came on to me and I started to date her, we went out for about a month and I fell hard for her. Harder than anyone I ever have in my life. I mean I dont know what it was about her but I just knew... So I know I should not have been dating anyone that works for me and is a big no no but I did it, she was also a good worker and eventually got a raise. A pretty significant one. So basically after she got the raise she said she wanted to call the whole thing off and stopped talking to me, other than when she had to at work. Before she was super affectionate towards me, then she started dating some other guy and they are in a "serious relationship" now. I know I fucked up in about every way possible with this one. I have never and will never be in this situation again but my question is, did she just use me to get a raise?


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  • No, I think the question is "Did you just give her a big raise because you were sleeping with her?"

    Regardless of what her motives were you seemed to imply she deserved that raise so that should be a moot point.

    Was there always a promise or possibility of a raise? Had you mentioned it? If you didn't at any time then I doubt she would have done this to get more money. I know lot's of people think women sleep their way to the top but that really is a seriously outdated stereotype and rarely happens now.

    This is why you shouldn't shit where you eat.


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  • she was usin u bro...


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  • she either used you for a raise or it is just a horrible coincidence...
    either way, im sorry to hear that. that sucks. sucks even more because you have to see her and wonder...


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