Would you break up with your girlfriend bcause you haven't seen her for 2 or 3 weeks?

well my ex wanted 2 break up with me bcause of that even though we talked and chatted every f***ing day... but hehehe I broke it first so at least I'm happy with my dcision =)... but guys help me so this doesn't happen again...


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  • Hell yeah,it might just be me but if I'm with a girl and I really liked her id want to see her at least a couple of times a week and chat to her on msn fb txt fone everyday its just the normal thing to do when your in a relationship if you don't want to see him as much as he wants to see you theirs no point in being in a relationshiip with him, and by you saying "but hehehe I broke it first so at least I'm happy with my dcision =)" is very childish and you may have hurt the guys feelings he may like you more than you think he does and remember one thing as much as you girls go on about it all guys are not the same :) not having a go at you, and hope I helped x

    • Well 2 tell you the truth he wanted 2 break up wth me and he wasn't interested in me anymore.. so why would I b with some1 that doesn't even like me anymore... I would have given the time of day 2 some1 that really likes me more than staying with that piece if sh*t!!!!!

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  • Not if it was distance or work keeping us from meeting. But if we are close by, had time and did not meet up, that is not ok.

    • Hi!!!! he lived close 2 me and I asked if he wanted 2 come 2 my house and he always had an excuse!!!and I asked him 2 meet at his house or something and again with the excuses!!!!!

    • Then good riddance!!

    • Yeah I know!!!!!!!=)

  • Not if we chatted a lot.


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