No self esteem after breakup normal?

Not going to give my life story but in general I had no confidence due to mt childhokd. before my girlfriend then when she came in my life I acted like somwthing I was not.. I looked very cocky and arrogant like I had it all together but it was all an act. when she left and I lost my career at the same time I completely lost my identity.. I was back where I started zero confidence lost.. I feel like people can just see right through me. does this happen to people more than I think.

I guess the good part is that I finally recognize these issues and I'm going to try to correct them but it's completely clear at this point why I've been so unhappy for years. Problem is I'm already about to turn 22 years old.. I'm just starting college and prly won't graduate till I turn 26. Hopefully be interning at 25. I want to travel and get the whole experience though. Saving up money to study abroad this winter break.


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  • it is normal.


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