Guys, what should I do?

so i had a huge crush on this guy for like 2 years and finallly he became mine but after 2 montsh of dating i broke up with him because the way he talked to me so after that we didn't talk for a month but we saw each other every day and because we are in one cllas we had a lot of mutual friends and i never fet comfortable around him again bbut than at prom he told e that i hade made a mistake and he wanted to get back together so i had no choice but to friendzonne him so we talk now like friends we text sometimes sand snaps to eachother but i still have feelings for him but a day ago he asked me for a favor he asked if i could lend him some money first i said no but then i felt really bad and i ttold him that he could count on me and that i would give him some money and he told me to go out somwhere to give him the money but i said no cause i was scared even though i gave him today the money i just want to now one thing is he just using me, has he still feelings for me or is it just that he can count on me. please help me out


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  • he's using you. the abuse will start again if you go back... and next time, you might not be strong enough to leave.

    • but the problem is that it all happened now and we are just friends and i dont know if i should stay friends with him or not

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    • thanks a lot for the help :)

    • no problem.

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  • Welp, first off I don't think that counts as friend zone.

    Second, sounds like he's bouncing between passively wanting you and wanting to be free.

    Third, looks like he's using you for the money.

    Good luck

  • Confront him


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