Told my ex that she means nothing to me but its a?

Was this a bad idea? she means everything to me but we will never get back together


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  • I've been treated like I mean nothing so someone and it's one of the worse feeling in the world especially when you love them. I can only guess that was the effect you were going for. I guess you have to ask your self why you couldn't admit you care about her.

    • Because I did everything she wanted, I lost friends, and gave her so many gifts. She really hurt me, and told me that I was a horrible person. When I only wanted to do what's best for her. I'm trying to move on but its just so hard.

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  • You seem lying to yourself, she definitely ''means something'' to you cause even though u both break uped, you still learn valuable experience from your both interactions.


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  • Then you were stupid. Don't ever lie to someone just to hurt them if you care about them.

    • true, she lied about me and i guess i wanted to do the same

    • Then she's similarly dumb. I will never understand this mentality. I understand wanting to get back at someone but damn.

    • It is stupid but that was our relationship. we both did some pretty dumb things in it.

  • Why would you say she means nothing to u then?

    • I don't know, she treated me like i was nothing and lied to people saying that I am a horrible person.

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    • Yeah, I know it is a good thing but i do care about her. Sometimes she did act like she cared and I should have been honest through the relationship. I lied to her about going out with friends since she hated that I would hang out with them since they drink. So she broke up with me because of that. I know I should not have lied but I wanted to hang out with my guy friends.

    • Dude, seriously and honestly, leave her, she's the type like wanting to keep someone like a THING, do whatever you want, there's nothing wrong with going out with friends and buying a new car or other stuffs even if you're a relationship or not, and she wants your attention like showing jealousy and stuff, so leave her
      I know it's hard but try your best to do that as she is not worth it, do your favorite thing in the world to forget about her (don't get drunk or anything)

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