Did my ex resent me or just purley lose attraction?

Her friends hated me parents hated me. I didn't reciprocate love the way she wanted yet would be passive aggressive about it. I've hurt her. Her friends said I was just using her and she's too stupid to see it. Was going to run away with me.. wheb j start my career. The the midst I was averaging four hours of sleep working my ass off so I can get into my career. I told her we can't sneak around that much because we will get caught. She would lash out say I don't put effort. We would typically go to my house have sex and then talk or watch TV but she acted like every th I ng was finE.

I just remember she almoat sounded annoyed by me a couple times before it ended. Even when I tried to make her laugh over text one time. I'd always make her laugh all the time in person even when we were beaking up. Was she just mad and resentful because of my actions or did was she just not that into me you think.
a month after break up she said she felt so used.. I know she meant it.


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  • Maybe she wasn't really into you and was infatuated. I don't know the details of your relationship but maybe she was seeing things that she didn't like.


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