What does it mean if my ex answers all my texts right away but doesn't continue a conversation or follow up?

I assume he's just being cordial because he doesn't care for me in that way anymore


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  • Yeah, you're probably right. He's just being nice, but you two have separate lives now.


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  • Organized individuals in life have a tendacy to respond to emails and text messages quickly. Don't take it personal. However, when speaking to ex's, If the conversation is short its because either they are busy or you didn't specifically state; do you have time to speak to me about this? Don't put so much into another persons lack of communication to your issues. Real.. True.. friends will know or ask if you need to talk.

    • Thanks sometimes you just gotta hear it from someone else

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  • Why you still talk to your ex?

    • Why not? We never had a bad breakup he's not a bad guy I'm not a bad person

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