Why is my ex using my address and refuses to change it even though I've asked him to?

We've been on and off for a year, I realized that he was cheating on me, I broke things off. In March, he got fired and asked me for help with unemployment claim and a resume, I felt sorry for him and did as he asked. He's been working through an employment agency for the past 8 weeks. Six week ago, I got his first check stub in the mail to my house, I f orwarded it to him vial mail to his place of residence and asked him to notify his employer of his residence address. It appears that he has not done so because I have gotten two additional check stubs in the mail for him, his health insurance and prescription cards and a credit card sent to my address. I contacted his employer to inquire about the change of address process, I was told that it's done online and takes but a few minutes. Why won't he change it?


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  • that's shitty... he has no right usin yer adress in my opinion 8)


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  • ... We've been on and off for a year...
    And with this being said, apparently Now his mail will be so as well, so in this case, to put an end to the Mail Madness, just Continue to... Forward it to him via mail to his place of residence...
    When he gets the helpful hint that you no longer feel 'Sorry for him,' and that you are not his caretaker in this mail matter, he will go 'Online' himself, this lazy bones, and learn to do this without anyone's help now.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I would start keeping his payments until he learns to not send them to the right address

    Honestly I would tell his employer the situation and have something happen because his behavior is very creepy and very worrisome


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