Why do girls cheat on guys?!

I know this goes both ways, but I want to know why girls cheat on guys. I purposely don't find the purpose, if you are planning on cheating on someone, why don't you just break up with them, instead of cheating?


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  • Well that is a question I ask myself too about guys cheating. If you don't like the girl, why don't they just break up instead of doing that sh*t?! I don't think cheating can be justified and I don't know why girls do it. If they do, I would think they are just sluts who go from one guy to another, at the same time! But I guess some do it because they don't feel happy in their relationship. I personaly would NEVER cheat. I just find it wrong, disgusted, sick and really there's no reason do it...


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  • It's called hypergamy. Women have done it for all time recorded.

    Find a nice provider husband to look after you, then get implanted with the seed of the local hunk (but he's probably useless at gathering capital).

    Win-win situation: a healthier baby is born, and then it can be provided for.

    The solution of the modern man is to be able to demonstrate both male characteristics: power/status and provider ability. Hence why athletes, celebrities, CEOs etc are the most desirable men over-all.

  • because you DO enjoy some part of the current relationship you're in and you don't want to just give that part up, thus you cheat to fulfill whatever was missing

    aka you want to have your cake and eat it too


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