Met up for lunch with sort of ex boyfriend- what did he mean by 'I'll probably see you again'?

So I met up for lunch with my sort of ex today (we only dated a some months and were exclusive but not officially together) who I haven't seen since last year but we've chatted now and again over Facebook catching up.

We got on really well just chatted about our lives and family etc nothing about our past relationship had an awkward bye hug and he stared at me in the eyes and said 'I'll probably see you again' I took this as meaning just like around so no further plans to meet again so just I shrugged smiled and said yeah maybe. Then he texted me after we'd left saying 'good to see you! Xx'

Kind of wish I hadn't met him again now because it's brought back feelings, I know I'm overthinking this but do you think I interpreted what he said right or do you think he might've been looking for me to initiate more?


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  • maybe he misses you and wants to see you again.
    let him to the initiating. maybe text him to say hi or something but dont' initiate the meeting, let him do that if he wants it. that way you don't make yourself even more vulnerable if thats not what he wants.
    good luck!


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  • he wants you to initiate.

  • Concentrate on finding someone else. But in the meantime use him


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