If he broke up with me?

should I not talk to him anymore? or should I keep on texting him and trying to call him ?


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  • There are different reasons for a break-up...

    It may be just a stupid disagreement, in that case clinging to him and talk it out might work.

    But there are pretty valid reasons for a break-up, too, and in those cases a break-up - pretty often - might have been the best solution after all.

  • It depends on the situation.

    1. If he broke up with you because you cheated on him, disrespected him, or treated him badly then there is no point in your doing anything to get him back.

    2. If he broke up with you because of some misunderstanding or arguement, then it is important to have a talk with him to clarify things. Here you can take the initiative by calling him and texting him.

    3. If he broke up with you because he does not want to be with you, or he is in love with some one else, again there is no pointin trying to call him or text him.


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