Guys, after a break up, why would a guy not ask for his stuff back?

It's been a month since. He has a few things at my place still which are of some value and I know are important to him and he would want back. So why would he not ask for his stuff back? Does he think it's still "too soon" or something? I mean it's definitely over, so...
If it helps he was the one to bring up breaking up but I also wanted to and just hadn't vocalized it.


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  • Set things straight (make it clear it is over) and just ask him about his stuff.

    • Okay, but why wouldn't he just ask for it back though?

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    • A facade as in, he pretended he wanted to be friends but actually didn't?

    • And wanted to appear emotionally strong but isn't

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  • Maybe getting those things back will only remind him of your break up and he'd just rather be done with it. You could always get his address and mail the stuff back to him.

  • maybe he dont want them back, some things are replaceable


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