My Ex keeps texting me and asked me to a movie. Guys, is it friendly or more?

So he broke it off about 9ish months ago through text. He said he loved me but we needed to stop this because he wasn't good for me since he smokes, gets high and drinks. Both my parents did/do that and he knew that and he knew I wouldn't do that kind of stuff just because he does it. Since the break up he'll text me about every 2 months asking how I am and stuff. If he breaks this weird pattern he's drunk because I'm the person he calls 98% of the time. I don't mind it I just listen to him rant about stuff for a couple hours and then he goes to sleep. One time In his drunkenness he was told me how he didn't want to break it off and how he missed me, but I just thought it was the alcohol talking and he didn't remember saying any of it the next day so I didn't tell him about it. That was about 4ish months ago. Recently he broke his weird pattern sober and started texting me a bunch and asked me to a movie, I said yes and he seems really happy about it. So guys, is he just being friendly or does he possibly want to try again or am I over thinking this?

... this turned out a lot longer then expected 😅


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  • Definitely more than friendly.


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  • More than friendly!

  • If you talk to your ex, you never broke up


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