Why can't I get over my ex?

I dated a guy for a year. We then did long distance for three months and after I realized he wasn't ready to commit I broke it off with him. It hurt a lot because I loved him, but he never loved me the same way or saw any future with me. One week after the break up I found out I got a job in the same city as him and we would both be there for two years, 20 mins apart. I decided to fight for us since we would be so close so I messaged him right when I found out, if he'd like to get back together, I still loved him so much and wanted to try my best to make it work. He said no and that he needed to be alone. Another week passed and I went to a party where I knew I would see him for the first time, we both would, after spending months apart. I was excited to say hi to him, he had been my best friend for so long and it was killing me to be apart. Except when I got to the party he not only ignored me as he passed by, he made out with another girl and left with her. Now two years later he's still with her and is moving with her to her city for a job (and probably future) together. In the meantime I've dated, I'm still dating a wonderful guy. However each time I think of him it infuriates me. His life worked out perfectly, he moved on like I never existed and is living with someone he loves. He got the job he wanted. In the meantime I did'nt get a job, im still stuck in a long distance relationship and I pretty much see a dead end on all fronts. I just keep thinking of how unfair it is that he never felt the pain I felt, or never even fought for us. I find it silly that it still bothers me so much after all these years. I should have moved on. I should have forgotten about him, and more importantly I shouldn't even be posting about him. But i burst out in tears whenever I come across anything related to him. Our relationship seems so fake, and I still lost a best friend who didn't even give a crap about my existence in the end. Any idea why i can't let this go?


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  • I spent ten minutes trying to think of what to tell u. Its true that we find consolation in knowing that those that hurt us will end up worse off. But sometimes they end up better and happy. Does that mean that our lives are over? Just cause someone decided to hurt u or reject u and then move on? I would hope not because that's a petty reason to go down.

    I can imagine the thoughts that are going through your head. My ex is a loser but even the thought of him with someone else makes me very upset and yet he has nothing I need.

    My point is we live to love, hurt and learn. We are a part of these people's puzzles and at times we are not. Cause sometimes we mean nothing to them. But that's them. Take back your power. You can't crumble cause of his decisions and his journey.

    Take this time to build itself up. Even if it means going to school and taking a new career path. Do your best to build a happy and good life for yourself instead of being depressed over his. Cause while you are over here stressed he's continuing to build am even better life which will make you more bitter and contaminate YOUR life.

    All the best to you. I do understand. But life has to carry on, and carry on in the best way possible. God bless

  • You need closure. You need to talk to him but you can't because he'll ignore you. I suggest you write a letter with all your thoughts and then just burn it. See if that helps you.


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