What should I do?

I have this ex that was my 1st love for 6 year and I hadn't seen her 4 a couple of years and now she has a kid and I have just started 2 talk 2 her again but she is still staying at her ex's house cause she doesn't have no were 2 stay. and she tells me that she don't want 2 be there cause she gets so depress and she wants 2 be single 4 a bit so she can get her head on straight but at the same time she tells me that she still has all of the same feeling's that I have and if I can give her some time 2 think, get her head right and move out that she wants 2 be wit me.

and there's always a but...She has been talking to someone else before I seen her and I am not sure if she is still talking 2 him but I asked her if she was seeing or talking 2 any one and she told me no that I am the only one that she wants 2 talk 2. I want 2 believe her but from my past relationship its kind of hard 2 so now I am not sure what 2 do.


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  • Tehn find a new girl.


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