Jealous about an ex

Hello all. Just over 6months ago, I went away to study in Europe for about 3months, where I met this guy and dated him for about one month. The usual happened, we got quite close, he was really kind and yeah we got physical (but didn't sleep with him). Sadly enough, the time came for me to return back to England, where now we have chatted only through email and live chat.

It has taken some time to get over him, as he was the first ever guy I dated (properly), and I've taken some advice on doing and taking up hobbies that I'm passionate about (mainly socializing, and traveling).

However, he sent me an email planning to come down, which was quite exciting for me as I had that small hope of re-living the special moments. But now, I feel struck down and dis-heartened how he's met someone (and went into detail of their physical activities) which I now feel totally put off again. So either I am really hurt, or I'm totally jealous. The bottom line being, I haven't dated many men since I returned (mainly personal choice, and plus I'm enjoying life being single atm) and he's filling me in about these girls he's been seeing. I can't help to feel a slight bit jealousy, and not wanting to be in contact anymore. so could someone please help me?

Thank you


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  • Hello,

    If you truly loved him, you could take the "glass half full route" and just be happy he's found some one, or you could tell him how this makes you feel, perhaps, depending on your financial state, arrange to meet with him every so often. I really hope this helps with your problem.



    • Thanks for that. I woul din fact rather cut all ties with him, as I truly feel that's the best way. I just couldn't understand why he chooses to flirt with me and sweet-talk me ovre emails (also mentioning how looking forward he is to meeting me), and then suddenely mentioning some girl he's met..i mean why lay with someone's feelings right? I just felt abit hurt..

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