Ex boyfriend new girlfriend is pregnant should I ask him about it?

I found out through the grapevine my ex new girlfriend is pregnant and is now living with him. i recently saw her and i have confirm that she is pregant.
but the thing is my ex and I still communicate and he didnot mention anything to me.

should i ask him about it? why don't he tell me about it?

every time we have a convo is like i want to ask him. The last time we talk he reminded me how we used to say i love you to one another, and even tell me i was the one. and then he kiss my hands, smell me saying he want to smell my scent then he kisses me. i was shock cause it was the first time we spoke after a long time. reason why he talk to me he said he was too hard on me.


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  • He still loves you, he doesn't feel comfortable telling you about it.


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  • if he dont mention it, dont bring it up.

    • thats what i figure, i want to stop talk to him but he is going to ask me why if i just stop talk to him without a reason.

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    • i will have to come up with something, but he have a habit of asking about me or his friends tells him everything. i can't change job unfortunately.

    • easy way to fix that. just lose yourself in work. then his friends will have nothing to report to him will they?

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