Tell me a story about moving on after a breakup?

I'm having a bit of a rough day and would love to hear some stories about moving on after a breakup. I'm at the stage where I know that the relationship ended for a reason, and it wouldn't work now anyway, but I miss him still. How have you moved on, either happily single or with someone else? Any tips for making positive steps forward?


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  • Relationship is a funny thing. While you may not realise, but you've let the person take up a large space in your mind. Moving on means that you will need to fill the void left by the person.

    Don't rush. Time heals the pain. It will take awhile before you realise you are not thinking about that person. That's what's needed.

    Keep busy. Remember, you need to fill the void. That means you filling the void with other things. Get involved in various other activities. Take on a hobby. Do volunteer. Travel. Study a new language. Meet new people. The world is big and you haven't met enough people yet.

    As you keep yourself busy, you will fill the void and eventually, the time will take good care of you.

    Good luck.


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  • Definitely try to move on on your own. If you just find someone else to fill the void you'll never truly move on and you'll forever harbor feelings for this person.

    The thing that helped me most was to hate the person. I know it sounds harsh after a breakup when you still have feelings and miss the person, but trust me it's the best way to go about it. The hate will eventually subside to a point where you no longer hate that person, but you are over them and have no feelings for them anymore. But hating them first is what helps you detach and helps you move on.

    And while you're busy hating that person, you should keep yourself busy with other things. Things to make you feel better. Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, work out, go shopping, take a vacation. Do something fun and nice for yourself. If you have some girlfriends that you love being around, hang out with them. Just whatever you like. And when you are ready for a new relationship and you know you are over this, then you can start dating again.


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  • Moving on is always hard, yet for some its easy. You need to find the will to forgive the person who hurt you and let yourself be free of him/her.

    Some people delete all messages, erase phone numbers, burn everything that is associated with that person, completely isolating themselves from him/her. Find an interests that you like and just focus on it, don't let thoughts about your ex to bother you.

  • Once upon a time there was a man named Jake, and Jake was dating a girl named Carla whom he loved dearly. He was going to marry her, or so he believed, after the four years they had been together but Carla had a secret that Jake didn't mean to stumble upon. It was a bright Saturday and Jake went to work overtime but was sent home early because they had enough people at his IT consulting firm and didn't need him and he strode right into their apartment to find Carla atop another man who happened to be Jake's confidant and best friend of over 18 years. Jake was crushed.

    Fast forward 2 years later and Carla is doing well, she's happy, and her life went forward and she has a child and is married with a great career!


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