I regret breaking with with my ex girlfriend...What do I need/should do?

We've been apart for 8 days. The reason why we broke up is because the relationship was getting no where. This is partially my fault, because I was really timid around her (she was my first girlfriend). We would just hug, and I'd occasionally "caress" her. I was too scared to hold her hand and kiss her...i know I was a wimp. But I realized what I need to do, and that I CAN do better.

What do I need to do to make things right. Like talk with her and confront her. Help I've never done this before.



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  • well write it down,what you want to say to her, edit it if you want to, memorize it and plan a really cute date for the two of you and talk to her in private. be straight forward an sincere about it. you have to try to do it as soon as possible. good luck

    • Um I'm a sophmore in highschool, she's a freshman...we both can't drive lol.

    • Um ok well, still write your thoughts down if it helps and try to arrange a date somehow. it doesn't have to be super fancy. the thought counts.

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  • you sound to really be determined. I think that is so sweet. Well I think that you should go up to her and tell her that you need to talk. I know you are a guy and this sounds totally lame but tell her what you are going through tell her that she was your first girlfriend and you basically thought that you were going to screw it up if you got to intamit and close. Tell her the truth, that you want to get back together with her and guy you guys another chance.

    hope this works out for you <3

  • What reason did you give her for breaking up with her? What was her reaction when you broke up with her? and how did you both leave the conversation? Those three things will determine if you screwed it up for good.

    • Ok well I told her that this relationship wasn't going anywhere (she agreed), I told her that I really cared for her (I cusp my hand around her face and she smiled) and I'd still like to date her but we'd have to put some effort in it, then I gave her the ultimatium...we can still go out if we work at this or we can end it. She just stood there staring at the ground saying: uhhhhh. So I decided that she didn't want to be with me, and I broke up with her.

    • Then I told her that I'll still say hey to you and talk to you (we said a few pathetic heys in the halls). Still without eye contact I hugged her and we went our seprate ways.

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