Is it possible for her to come back?

alright ladies I need help. so I dated this girl for 2 years. and it was amazing. but hard but like..a movie fantasy love. her parents are really always making sure and seeing what's she's doing. she told me she got kicked out and we started dating when she was 17 and I was 18. I let her come live with me and her parents kept trying to put me in jail. and when she turned 18 she started wanting to go home more and I was upset but then at the same time I dealt with it cause I loved her. after that it was going good for the next year after that. but then few months ago it fell apart. my x girlfriend called my phone and I texted her saying don't talk to me. I deleted her phone call and her text. I was going to tell my girlfriend she was on her way over. but didn't want her to get mad and leave she's a jealous type. she looked through my phone and found her number and left. I didn't call her that day and talked to her the next day and told her all of that. and she started talking to this guy and I saw his number on the phone bill and called him and he told me they went to dinner and a movie and they made out. I got mad and got naked pics of my x that called my phone and sent them to her. my girlfriend came back and was really furious. then we when we were at the library she started fighting with me and left. and I didn't see her for 2 weeks. and haven't talked to her since. I have a new girlfriend but I can't get over her no matter what. I said some mean things to her before she changed her number. she told me she hoped I die and hated my guts. I didn't mean what I said in the texts. I told her my x is hotter than her and that I used her to get to my x gf. but I said and did all that cause I was hurt she didn't understand me and made out with a guy when I didn't cheat on her once. my curent girlfriend is really nice and caring but its like she doesn't get to me like my ex. I emailed her saying I'm sorry I didn't mean it and poured my heart out and no response, she knows my number but hasn't contacted me in 2 months so I gave up. but no matter what I can't stop thinking about her and wondering how she is. she has her Facebook to private and changed her number. I gave up but its like in the back of my mind I'm hoping shell one day come back. is it possible for her to comeback? I treated her like she was a queen


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  • TBH, since she has changed her phone number, made her fb account private and didn't respond to your email message she is done. In addition, you are involved with someone else which can be perceived as you moving too.

    You have done and tried everything to communicate with her to explain your actions, feelings and stance. Don't contact her again because it will be futile. She wants to be left alone right now.

    Will she ever return or reattempt contact? Maybe or maybe not. First loves are the most difficult to get over and heal from. You never forget that person somehow.

    At this juncture, learn the lessons from this experience. Keep your heart open and continue to move forward.

    Good luck.


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  • This is so sad. :( I'm sorry this happened to you. I think it had a lot to do with miss-communication. See the problem was that you called this guy and did not get the information form your girlfriend yourself and things might have not been like what he said. Like you I would have been furious and wanted revenge even though it wasn't right. I mean you loved her and couln't believe that she betrayed you like that. It is understandable to anyone who has been in love. Although your choices might have been percieved as mean and harsh I think that deep down inside you were trying to release all the hurt she caused you. I know that she wants you out of her life right now but if you could maybe send her and email or get together with her and explain that you overreacted and tell her the whole story of what happened, what this guy told you, and how you felt about it, it would really shine a light on your true intentions of your actions. If then she wants nothing to do with you then I think it is best that you move on. What you know right now is that you still love her and care about her and I think that is what needs to push you to try and resolve what went wrong or at least make ammens.

    Best of luck to you <3 I hope it all works out.

  • Wow that's deep

    even though you said same really stupid things 2 her there was no reason for her to say those things either

    she probably didn't cheat on you she just did it to get you mad

    I think you should try to talk to her again but if she still refuses than you should move on

    I hope that helped good luck :)


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  • First off, you did not treat her like a queen. No woman nor man deserves to be put down at the expense of a relationship, regardless of how happy the moments come. There is very slim chance that she will come back because of the events you have made due to anger. The slim chance is if you learn how to maintain that anger, and find a successful way to appologize and earn her respect back.

    Men are naturally less emotional than most of the women out there in the world; however, take a glance from your girlfriends perspective- you have gone through and trampled her respect by using one female against another. What you have done with this only causes individuals to pity you and hope you seek professional assistance, no intended offence at all.

    I suggest you learn methods of chaneling your anger as it's only going to cause you grief in the long run. Right now, I would like to verbally attack you for how you have treated these women and show you what that feels like; however, I know that it won't actually make the situation better, so instead- I offer you this advice:

    - Move on and let these women be

    - Distance yourself from relationships until you can manage yourself maturely

    - Find methods of releasing anger in a productive way, such as yoga or breakdancing

    - Work on your own individualistic character in the mean-time

    I hope the information helps, but don't waste your time praying for this girl to come back.

    Best regards,


    • I apologized to her in an email saying I'm sorry and she meant everything to me and if she's happy then that's good. I know it was wrong that I did that but I care about her cause I know I hurt her alot. I just want her to know I'm sorry and I truly love her

    • There is no option to inform her of that if she will not exchange communication. If you want to try - I commend you for correcting any previous wrongs you have caused her; however, I advise against communicating with her further while trying to aim for a relationship. Chances are that she does not want a relationship and will not in the near future.

  • You love life is as big a mess as that wall of text.

    Dude, just give up having girlfriends. Ever. Stick to one night stands, anything more emotionally involved is just beyond your means to manage.

    Move on.


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