Its been a week with no contact. What do I say now?

We broke up 2 weeks ago and it has been one full week of no contact. He says he needs his space to work on himself...

My goal was to wait a week before contacting him again. What is something I can say that will get him to reply? I so badly want him back still. What can I say to at least have him think about it?


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  • Personally, I wouldn't contact him.
    You're opening up the doors to be rejected once again.

    If someone cares about you... they don't forget about your existence.
    If he cares that much about you, he WILL contact you.

    I suggest you start putting the pieces back together (of your heart), and try to move on.
    There is no certainty that he is coming back to you.
    You have to look at that as a very real possibility.


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  • Why did you break up? That will dictate how to respond.

  • It's over, accept it.


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  • Text him in a week or so.. with an:

    Remember the time...

    *HIT SEND*

    Then when he replies.. which human nature of men usually do.. reply with some amazing memory you were thinking about him doing.. Usually that helps!

  • I wouldn't do it.

    Make yourself busy to not think about him.

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