How to get my ex to take me back?

We were together for over three years and we broke up two weeks ago because he wanted to "better himself". I've given him that space but really still feel like we should be together.

I want to ease back into things, we don't even have to be in an exclusive relationship. How do I go about contacting him in a way he'll reply and listen to my feelings?


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  • "Better himself" translates as "find someone better than you".

    I don't know what happened in your relationship, but it wasn't good and it made him leave you.

    The advice I'd give to anyone in this situation, is to hang back and let HIM do the contacting.

    He dumped you, so you need to walk away and never look back. If he contacts you, then you can ease back.


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  • I am on the same boat as you, my boyfriend wanted to break up with me because he wanted to work on himself and achieve his goal before being in a relationship as it requires a lot of commitment and sacrifices. We are friends now, he still has feelings for me and I still love him and think that we could work things out.
    But I've done everything and tried to convince him that we could work out, but nothing has changed his mind. So I gave myself a break from him and cut contacts with him for a week or a month so he could miss me a bit. But also because I want to work on myself and stop treating him like his my 'everything'. And so far I am living life a bit more and he's not on my mind all the time. I miss him and still believe we would work out in the future. But that shows that I'm not ready to move on. I don't know what else to do besides giving myself time and live my life.
    Sorry this isn't any advice but it's my story..


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  • difficult... he should b intersted first u know...

    • How do I know if he is if we haven't spoken?

    • correct... better wait... unless u really want 2 go back 2 him. then text

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