Pregnant and not believed?

Guys i want your views if this was you..
My ex left me after 3 years and i found out i was pregnant, he does not believe me, i offered him to come do a test or ill buy one on the way and come to his house, to come to the midwife everything, even told his parents, he said he would not believe me unless he saw a scan pic so i said i will get him one and does he want to meet with it or should i post it to his house, he ignored me, my dad then asked him what will change if he sees a scan pic to which he replied 'nothing its her problem now, not mine'. I dont want him to dis-believe me but he won't come anywhere near me to proove it and he's told people he will only believe it when he sees a scan, what should i do?


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  • then... have this scan?


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  • What a fucking loser. You can get him the scan but then he'll probably say it isn't his. He said that to your Dad?

    You can do a paternity test and get child support but other than that...

    • Yeah after 3 years and being so close to my family he text my dad saying he will only believe it if he sees a scan, dad asked what will change if he sees the scan and he replied 'nothing I don't want the baby it's her problem now not mine'. Yet he says he dsnt believe me

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    • What was the reason for the split?

    • because i was accusing im of seeing someone else, he basically said the stress of money and arguing

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  • You can't make a guy be a daddy, sounds like you are on your own, why are you a guy on here?

    • I wasn't making him, we was together 3 years and was trying for a good 8 months

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