Anger after a breakup?

I was with my ex 3 years, we had the most amazing relationship ever, he left me a few weeks ago and said it was due to me accusing him of cheating (which i did lightly as i am in a bad place) he also said it was stress of money and he wasn't eating. When he walked out he wouldn't have anything to do with me, he ignored me, he told my dad this was because i wouldn't of accepted it, how could he walk out so easily after 3 years? everything was fine even up to the day before he left. He won't talk to me at all and has removed everything of me off his facebook.. how can he walk away so quickly? will he miss me? or even give me a second thought? He says he 'dsnt wanna see me', why won't he have anything to do with me or see me? and why is he so nasty towards me?, he left me not the other way around..


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  • People tend to walk away from horrible life experiences. This is what he did.

    He felt the relationship was falling apart and consequently hung up his shoes.

    You're a the point where you're over thinking, over analysing and deluding yourself. You think everything was just fine, but when you look back on it you'll be able to see the cracks and where they formed.

    I'm going to assume you were acting needy, insecure and desperate when the relationship ended. You probably bombarded him with texts and calls. I might be wrong, but it seems that way.

    You need to back away completely and give him space. You need to realise that the more you push him to rethink, the more you're pushing him away.

    If you want any chance of rekindling this, you need to walk away and mean it.

    Either he'll move on too, or he'll realise that the radio silence is permanent and that if he doesn't contact you you'll be gone.


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  • He is probably trying to push you away. It probably isn't easy for him at all, and that's why he is being nasty, because it is easier than being nice. If he is nice, and sees you, he might have a harder time moving on. So he is cutting all ties, because it isn't easy for him either. Even if he did break up with you, it isn't always easy for him. It still hurts, and it takes time to move on. So he might be hurting too, and just needs to be away from you, to heal.

    • since i have found out i am pregnant

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    • Yeah with his baby, but he says he does not believe me, offered to proove it to him and he was having none of it, he says he will only believe it if he sees a scan pic, told him i will bring it to him and he said 'its my problem now not his'. One min he says he dsnt believe me and another he's saying its 'my problem'

    • I think you need to tell him that he needs to think about it, and see if he wants to be in the babies life or not. If he doesn't don't force him. I know you can be afraid to be alone, but if the parents are constantly fighting, or you guys have the toxic relationship it has come to, it is not good. Tell him if he wants to be in the babies life, then he needs to at least not be like this. It isn't good for you, or the baby either. I would say take yourself out of the situation, and don't have any contact if he is going to be mean like this. Give him a chance to be in the babies life, but if he doesn't want to, I would just cut all ties. It is a difficult situation you are in, but you need to think about what is best for you and the baby.

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  • He's being an asshole or a douche. He should have been a little more sensitive because it was him that walked away. You should have been the one that's angry and not the other way around; he is simply turning the table around. It's best to cut him off your life for good, move on and find whatever it is you're looking for

  • maybe he was mad atm./... and he'll regret it later...


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  • Anger is normal after a break-up. He may calm down. He may miss you. He may want you back.

    He's nasty because he's hurting. Break-ups are hard for everyone involved (no matter who did the breaking up). It's a little too soon to say what will happen in the long run.

    Chin up, darling. It can't suck forever. Something will change eventually.


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