She just proved my doubts never been wrong.. cheated on me and enjoying her life?

I've never see someone have cold heart same as the one i been with her.. after she broke up with me without reasons i just found she have new guy and enjoying her like seems like i was so bad for her... i don't know whats wrong i done? because maybe i dont drink or run behind girls because i respect my self by nature and im not acting like crazy guy? in just less than 2 months she have another and i was nearly to die for her? guys am i fool or stupid or what? i been working hard on make her happy but she never enough why? ... this time i really don't want see her face again , this time i feel i want make her sad for my loss because i am burning.. since yesterday and my temperature over 38 because i am boiling i know im not sick but.. i dont know.


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  • meh, fuck that bitch, just move on to the next one.


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