How to tell your best friend you dont want to be her friend anymore?

how do you tell a friend that you dont care about them anymore?

So for the last years i just stoped caring about my best friend, I dont know why, i just did. I felt like an affault person for this for years and just ignored the feeling, but after i moved i realised how much different we are and that i dont really care. I mean i can't remember the last time i was glad to see her or even the last time i missed her.

She has problems self reflecting and it gets very tiering and she has always been like this, but before i had low selfesteem and she is good at manipulating so i stuck around. She has been a good best friend for years, but i just think we grew apart (but she doesn't know it yet).

After i moved i went back home for the Easter holiday and we had an argument. And we haven't talked since then. I sendt me one text while she was out drinking a stuarday night about how much she misess me etc. But i dotn really take her seriously because of when she did it

Anyway, she sendt me a facebook message asking about why we aren't friends anymore etc. And i have no idea how to tell her i dont want to be her friend anymore... help?


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  • I've had to do this. You just tell her you can't be friends anymore just like that. You don't have to explain anything

  • "sorry... but i feel it'd b better 2 end our friendship"


    • so you dont think i should explain anything to her?

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    • well she did ask "y?"

    • obviously now u can xplain y u don't want her anymore..

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