If you have something you want to tell someone....

Why don't you just say it? If you think they do not want to talk to you- why don't you ask them?

Why tell someone you wanted to talk to them when you know they or unwilling to?

tried to talk to you and you were unable or unwilling to

And , what is the point of bringing this up 6 months after the fact... Really, like some people can only talk about what us bothering the in past tense or future tense-- What is up with that?

Why spend tie talking about how you felt before... Do you think people do this on purpose , or is it pathological... Like protective thing... But if it end up so unclear to the other person why say anything at all?

Do people who do this really think they are being rational?


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  • People don't like to show weakness because other people can be such assholes about personal stuff. I know I don't like to be bothered about things. I'll tell my girlfriend everything but that's because I trust her. Other people might get in the way, tease me, or annoy me about it. I like to be my own person sometimes too so it's best that some people don't know absolutely everything about you. I hope this helps. :)

    • Yah, it does... It's just this guy keeps pulling like telling me things after the fatc so I can just FEEL bad that I did not do something sooner.... he does not seem able to tell me anything in the present, but he keeps saying how he did WANT to..... Like while we are talking he will talk about how we never talked.... frustrating because I had to talk to him soooo many tikes when I was not sure if he wanted to talk to me, yet for him he just has to worry. He is one said he

      needed to talk- ?

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