Does my ex really want to meet me or is he being polite?

Will try keep it short. Was with my ex boyfriend 7 months, I loved him, he said he loved me but still wanted this break up. This was 3 weeks ago, we have both been on holiday so haven't seen each other since the break up

it has been mostly me initiating our chats and they are not about our relationship but just about our holidays. We have face timed once and he said seeing me put a smile on his face. I text him yesterday and asked if next week he wanted to meet as friends for drinks to catch up as I've missed seeing him. He replied straight away saying yes and that he was looking forward to it. He asked if it was my birthday we were meeting, I said yes I had no plans for it and good job remembering. Heard nothing back.

I noticed on Facebook he went from In a relationship to hidden now he's changed it to single. That bugged me.

My my question is does he want to meet or is he just being polite?

he's 29 I am 22.


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