First relationship ended mutually... now what?

So we both decided to mutually end the relationship after a few months. But now what do i do? I mean, i'm pretty sure i'm not going to talk to him again (not because i hate him; we go to different campuses, have different friends, were busy etc...) but like do i just scratch him out from my mind in general?

Our relationship was a bit weird, and we met 9 months ago... and i dont really know what to do. We discussed about being friends after and about potentially just hanging out platonically in the future. Neither of us were angry, it was really calm and mutual... and like we actually ended up watching a movie after we talked which is pretty odd now that i think about it... but i didn't feel awkward at all.

long story short, what do i do now? how do i just continue on after essentially deciding to cut someone out of my life?


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  • Grow a habit.. good one.. Pursue ur talents and dreams...


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