Was this guy the typical selfish bad guy?

So when I first saw him about I thought he seemed sweet. He wasn't bad looking either but he didn't have the bad guy vibe or hot looks so I thought he might treat me better.

He was short , long face, big nose an very skinny with not much muscle. I got impression he was humble an shy. He was around me at first but not after we started taking an meeting up.
I met him where he works where he obviously had to be polite. He seemed friendlier with me an then an attraction grew.

It took over 6 months for anything to progress I wasn't sure he liked me or just my looks. So one day I took a risk gave him my number on a note. He then texted after work an we chatted for a bit.

He said he had no idea I liked him. His shyness that I thought he had wasn't there. He seemed so full of it an me going for him seemed to inflate his ego from 0-100000 . He was like so how long you had your eye on me etc.

For our first date he took me to a country park for a walk an talk. It was nice until he decided he already wanted to kiss an then hold hands. He was very forward which made me concerned about the impatience he seemed to present already.

He forcibly held my hand an said this will make you less shy an uncomfy. I was like let it happen naturally. From then I thought don't think too much of it. He said I move slow.

Second part of date was at his house for drinks I wasn't keen on it but he wanted to an seemed dominant. So we had few drinks an got sick after got drunk. Sobered up an was sitting on a chair an he came over an wanted to kiss. Then as he don't have a living room it's a one bedsit we was chilling in bed. He wanted sex an to suck my boobs an me giving him blojob but I said not yet its first date.
He texted a lot after saying I'm his special girl, during the date said he's falling for me already. He texted I am only girl he thinks about an would say my special girlfriend.

He wanked an came on me an moaned it's cus you wouldn't let me do you an I was worried sperm may have travelled as period took long to come I told him he said next time use protection but he wasn't willing to use any with me though. He said babies cry an he don't like them cold hearted guy an would make a terrible father
He ended it cus he thought I'd never change anytime soon an said bye mate said was rubbish in bed an that he don't need good luck. An next date continuously asked for sex threatened to end it when I said no said was joking didn't kiss me when I left told me not to text too much as he has a life. i felt like just another girl not special at all he in end said not his type but I'm glad as he wants a wild dirty girl.


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