Men... will he be grateful for the text?

Me and my ex have just been through a really rough breakup a lot has gone on, but he won't speak to me at all the last time we spoke a few weeks ago this wasn't to good and things was said, I am obviously hurting inside so text him a 'goodbye' text if you like, he loved my son (who isn't his) and after 3 years loved my son beyond belief I told him I will be forever grateful for what he did for him, told him I will love him beyond belief for a long time, told him I didn't deserve what he did but someone told me if you love them you will be happy for them even if it's not with you, and told him that life is to short and either of us could be gone tomorrow and I don't want to go to bed mad at him and don't want him to either and told him im sorry and I want him to be happy.. If you broke up with someone would you be glad to recieve this text?, tried to do the adult thing I hope I have it was pretty hard to send..


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  • No. It's not needed. Just move on


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