Guys, my ex is kind of being a problem after two years. Please give me your response?

He messaged me telling me how much his life is so much better than mine and how he is so much more happier than ever and then tells me I won't hear from him again. Two months later I get a message from a stranger showing me a screen shot of my ex sending group messages of my phone number to many guys asking them to send me nudes. He broke up with me two years ago and supposedly he has a girlfriend. Why is he doing this if he has someone already? Even though now, I haven't even thought about ever talking to him. I want to know how to approach this.


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  • Okay.

    He is very insecure about his life that he actually has to go telling his ex that he is doing so much better without her. The truth is, he's not. And he probably doesn't have another girlfriend, or he has and he's not happy with her. You know what he is? Butt hurt. I'd be laughing if I were you.

    • But why come now after two years of separation. It doesn't make sense. Its like he wants me to confront back for him being a douche.

    • Because he is butt hurt. He tried to move on, but you're still on his mind. His new girlfriend isn't good enough, or he doesn't have one. He wants to make you feel like shit so that hopefully you'll go back and apologise and beg to take you back. Fuck him.

      ... Not litirarly fuck him... As in sleep with him. I mean like screw him...

      ... No not sleep with him... as in... Oh fuck it, you know what I mean.

    • Yeah I get it lol I just feel like just telling him off about it. But I shouldn't I'm sure that's what he wants -_- thanks!!

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  • You'll have to get a new phone number. What a piece of shit, I'm sorry you had the misfortune of coming across him.

    • I wish I could but I can't. The best part is no one sent me nudes they jut apologized like how you did. Thank you.

  • Tell him its over and to leave you the fuck alone. If he doesn't and still gives out your number go to the wireless store and change your number, and block him on social media.

  • just move on and forget the louse.


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