I don't think I want to be with my partner anymore?

I need some opinions on my relationship of about a year and a half. I used to adore my partner but now I just care for him more as a friend. He seems lazy and slobbish lately, which of course makes me feel terrible but it also makes me want more in life. He doesn't shower enough, his place is very dirty, I try my best not to go there now. I feel like he doesn't listen to me, and when I call him he's generally gaming so he doesn't pay attention. I hate having sex with him, it's a chore and I rarely get anything from it.

Today he suggested we go away together for a weekend to connect... and to have sex, which he bluntly pointed out. I feel bad, cause at the same time I'm thinking I want to split. I haven't seen much of him lately, but I've kinda been okay with it. I've been talking with friends I lost contact with and I'm enjoying my life without him (besides a phone call every second day and the odd meeting perhaps once a week). There's nothing wrong with the relationship, I think I've just outgrown it. I don't wanna hurt him, but I feel very confused on what to do. Please help!


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  • There comes a point in Many relationshiops where... I don't think I want to be with my partner an7ymore...
    It's probably One of the hardest decisions you may ever have to make here, dear, so you want to do this strategically. Tell him you want a break from the relationship, that there are things you need to think out and do some serious soul searching in your life right now and you will be in touch.
    If you don't think this little Getaway will do this relationship nor both of you any good, then don't waste your time nor money. If you feel like this and I see that you do, it will end up a War of the Roses before the sheets even get... cold again.
    As wise as I am, I can tell you this, that taking this Break and taking some time for some space, the heart may grow fonder with the absence. You may find you are Missing the Kissing and contact him with heartfelt feelings. This will be surely the test of time to find out what's... Next in line for you both.
    It's one thing to love someone but it's another for them to just throw in the towel with even the appearance and have this a turn off all way round.
    You certainly can do better in your own life and deserve More. However, if you realize that no matter What, you find you can't be without him, then None of this will matter and he is all you could ever want or hope for because this is what... Unconditionally love is really all about.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand with the man... lol... I meant "Unconditional" tha tis with my spelling.. Have a great weekend.:)) xxoo

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  • Just stop calling and texting for 2 weeks minimum.
    That will get his attention.
    If he becomes heart broken, he will change for you as he realizes what you were saying all along. If he's not heartbroken, he will not change and you are making the right decision.

    • I think he realises something is wrong, we haven't even hanging out and the weekend away is his way of trying to fix it. I appreciate the thought, but it doesn't fix the things I dislike and I honestly don't think they'll change.

  • Time to move on

  • So just leave.


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  • It's good to be honest with yourself that you have outgrown him. He's let himself go and gone backwards. Why put up with all that disgusting habit? It does you no good when he's unhygienic.


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