Guys, Keeping things from exes?

So recently I got out of a relationship (1 year long) anyway for my 21st birthday he got my a gold bracelet with "happy 21st birthday babe" on it. I've kept it and I still wear it.

The way I see it is that it was a birthday gift from someone special to me at the time. I guess Im a little worried that future guys with thinking I still have feelings for him by still wearing it. Would that be the case? What would you think if a girl you just started dating wore something her ex gave her?


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  • I know my ex still wears the watch I got her, I think it's kinda funny.

    • I feel like if it were a valentines present or an anniversary gift it'd be different... but because we are still on friendly terms and this was a birthday gift its different?

      maybe its not and I should stop wearing it.

    • I don't really think there's much difference, these things are a constant reminder of the past and have sentimental value.

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  • Personally i 'd understand... keepin gifts isn't bad of course

  • That the girl is immature and can't move on.

    • Really, wow. Ok.

    • Dont you agree that an items sentimental value is the emotion you put in it? I have no romantic feelings attached to him or the bracelet. If it were to break or I was to loose it I would not be upset.

    • No but that's just how I see things.

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