sighhh... sighh?

I've been heartbroken n left alone for 6 frigging months nw! and it seem as if the pain won't go away. im on the verge of suicide it makes no sense, im left in pain like this, its a guy i really love... who took me for granted. and i jus dont knw what to do, i knw he's young but that dosnt give him the right to hurt me like that... i even pray.. ?


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  • This is life, dear. Unfortunately, it is unfair and a real bitch sometimes. But there are good news for you: you just got rid of someone who would make your life miserable for a longer time! This is a precious knowledge, ok?

    You're young, full of life and with the passion you show you have in your heart, when you find some decent guy who will value you for who you are, you will live a wonderful love story.

    I could slap you on your face for those suicide thoughts, though. Come on, the world has BILLIONS of people! Your life is MUCH MORE PRECIOUS than the jerk that hurt you, so flip the bird to him, wash the tears from your face and rise! There are many good guys out there who would love to be with you, ok? (just be aware that there are lots of wolves too, so be smart).



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  • he took you for granted. he isn't worth the time or effort. you will move on from this. you will survive.

  • do what everyone else does, say fuck that bitch and move on. You're more important than they are, don't let them keep a good woman down I say!


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