Can anyone make sense of this?

My ex left me a few weeks ago and refused to have anything to do with me since we was together 3 years amazingly close, I found out I was pregnant after me and him trying for a long time, we was getting married next year and we lived together, I text him trying to end the relationship on a good note and said I was sorry for my part in what's happened and I got this back, I don't know were the anger has come from and why he's like this? He didn't even need to answer me.. He says he does not want the baby but this is the first time he's answered me in weeks, (lucas is my son but isn't his who he had a huge bond with over the 3 years). I didn't tell. him straight away for two days as he was working nights and ones scared he would leave me. I don't get where his anger has come from, now he's saying he wants all furniture that's his out the house that will leave me. and my son and new baby with nothing... This is the text he sent me..

I told u not to keep the baby because it's not right like this and as for everything else I was just sick of it all and was easier to leave than talk about it. It doesn't matter about how your sorry now cause I have gone for good and as for being scared telling me you was pregnant and the wedding is bullshit u couldn't of been that close to me or loved me that much if u couldn't tell me and had to wait till I had left it's a joke and very pathetic. I haven't asked about Lucas cause it's hard not seeing him and is easier just to shut it all out. I don't go round saying anything bad about u to anyone so don't know where u got that from. I am blocking this number whos ever it is don't message me any more just leave me alone and get rid of the baby don't even want to see u never mind have a baby with you.
I'm a girl btw! I don't no why this is a guys account


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