Should I still proceed with court matter?

my ex boyfriend owe me a lot of money, evry time i asked him always deny it or ask what i am talking about. or even tell me he have no money so he can't pay me back. so i give him a chance but its been 2yrs now i see different things with him, like he spending money else where, for example he recently purchase a naother vehicle. so in my mind i said na this guy playing me, i asks his mom because she knows about the money he owes me. her excuse was just like him her son doesn't have no money. i know they are lying thats why.. i seek legal action.
I've recently contact a lawyer to carry him courts for my money. 2 weeks after i learned that his new girlfriend is pregnant. my first thought was, how is he going to provide for his new baby and claim he don't have no money to pay me back. Because i know bringing a baby in this world require finance its like my heart goes out for him cause a baby is innocent in all this, and how can i sue his/her dad foer money he say he don't have. how will he afford providing for his child, all these things playing in my mind, if people knew i am now sueing him what will they think. oh maybe they will say i am jealous because he got his g/f pregnant. Should i continue with this court case?

when i heard and then i ask her sister for confirmation its like OMG and i am working on sueing this guy. Should i pull back?


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  • Depends how much it is. Thousands of dollars? Absolutely. F*** he impregnated another woman you should hate this guy! get any proof you can, including receipts, texts, and emails. GL.

    • i can't hate him, cause we not together although he keep pulling me in and pushing me out. i mad at the fact ke keep telling me he have no money yet he doing other things, and baby on its way its like is this guy serious, i disrespect publicly about my money, he haven't spoke with me fr 6mths during that that he impregnate his woman, and now he come talk back to me he feel he was being too hard on me.

    • Take this to court. But be assertive. Don't be like "but I feel bad blah blah" to the judge. Demand the money.

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  • Well you did loan him money, I don't think that would hold up in court, you should have got him to sign a contract (lol) sorry that happened to you


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  • Him owing you money shouldn't matter what he does in his personal life. If he owes you make him pay it.

  • Yes take him to court. Get what is yours


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