I feel like there's no hope, but I want there to be.

I'm pretty sure I have no chance with this guy that I am totally in love with. I've known him for a year but haven't gotten any closer to him, probably just further away actually.

We have amazing chemistry and a lot in common but there are 2 major things keeping us from being together:

1) we had a physical relationship before a friendship -he got mad at me when I kept trying to befriend him and he told me to just stop, that I'll never be just another one of his friends

2) he just doesn't seem at all interested in the idea of a relationship -even though he isn't a manwhore or anything

I know his last ex broke his heart, but that was years ago. Can that really be why he so against committing? How can I get a guy I've slept with to try and see me as girlfriend material?

We haven't talked or seen each other since our argument where he told me I'd never be a friend like his others. I mean he outright told me to stop trying, so I have. It's been a month now maybe?

It was easy at 1st when I was angry at him but now the anger has passed and it's getting harder and harder not to try and talk to him...

Should I just move on? Is there hope?

Sorry lots of questions, I'm just confused. I normally never fall for guys like this -usually we go from friend to dating to best friends unlike this guy where we went from strangers to sleeping together to nothing.


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  • Move on nowe


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