Should I stick around or leave him?

Alright well I met Oliver* on a saturday, at my best guy friend's show. Oliver is the lead singer of their band. I introduced myself and we clicked immediately. We talked for an hour and we just had a great time. After the show was over it was sad to leave but I had to. On Monday, he added me on MySpace and then the flirting came back and we just have so much chemistry. I asked for his number and he gave it to me and we started texting each other. He flirted with me and he told me that he really likes me and he thinks I'm beautiful and perfect. He also said he wanted plans on friday. He calls me everynight and reads all these songs he wrote about me. He also told me a lot of personal things about his life. Call me a major stalker but I'm the type of girl who checks a guy's comments and friends and his friends' pages just to see what he is like and if he is not a total creeper. Thursday was the first time I checked his stuff because he seemed too good to be true and it turns out HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND! but he still tells me all these things.

I felt used but he called me to make sure if the plans for friday were still on and I said yes. I made a mistake and didn't confront him, but I really like this guy and I'm very stubborn but I wanted this date. ANYWAY he was way too sweet to be cheating on a girl but I thought he probably broke up with her because he does stuff that makes him seem he's single. So on our date he held my hand and he kissed me a bunch of times and we made out. Then I for sure believed he does not have a girlfriend anymore. Then after our date he texted me saying our perfect I was and he wrote a poem about me and everything. Then the next day on saturday around 9 in the afternoon I went on MySpace and his girlfriend did a survey(I added her on my best friend's account, don't judge me on this I know some of you guys are guilty of this too) and she said she kissed someone today and it was Oliver!

this is way too confusing and I don't know what to do. I really like him and I know he's feeding me bullsh*t but ugh...idk please feed me words of advice?

Ahhh...he just told me what happened. and he told me that he has been breaking up with her but she clings on. I didn't mention his gf. but he told me and his girlfriend now has single


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  • Make sure he actually IS single and not just in the process of breaking up. That is a classic line that cheaters use. Be careful!

  • This does not sound confusing to me at all. I think you already know that this is not going to work. You might feel attracted to him, but the best thing to do is ditch him.

    He has a girlfriend. He is cheating on her. He will do it to you too. For him to be cheating, he can't be a very decent person. You will always be wondering if he is cheating on you if you go ahead with this.

    Don't do it. It will only cause you heartache. There are so many decent guys out there and you could do much better.


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