Will she come back soon?

Me and this girl have known each other for a year. We were friends because she wanted to get to know me. She started dating someone but still continued to text me because i was recovering from a break-up. Se break up with her ex 6 months ago when i cut ties with her because she had a boyfriend and i can't be this close to someone who is dating. So she agreed my terms that no friendship or nothing like that. We started hanging out 6 months and we kissed sometimes and almost went to bed together. But everything fell apart when we went on a schooltrip on a boat and she slept with someone she saw for the first time and now they have a thing together. Its been week without any contact and her friend came and spoke to me and she had said to her friend that she listened to some song and she remembers one day we had spent and she misses me so mych and doesn't know what to do.
She is shallow and looks is everything to her.


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  • If she keeps having "things" with other guys then she's likely not interested in you right now. If I had a great guy in front of me that I really like and feel attracted to then it doesn't make sense on any logical grounds that I'll try dating other guys nevermind sleeping with them.

    I'm not sure if she'll come back but please keep in mind that she was willing to screw you over twice now by dating other people instead of giving you a go. At some point you need to ask yourself if it's worth it.

    • What if she comes back and i just test her. Last time it took 6 months to me to even consider taking a go with her. This time i think i have to test her to prove herself. Longer than 6 months to see if she gives up. But nevermind she osnt worth it because i gave my everything to her. Should i block her from whatsapp or just let it be?

    • I don't believe in burning bridges unless the person did something really bad so in this case I'd say let it be and don't block her. You don't know what the future holds xx

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  • I don't know what shallow means, but if she's happy with that guy then she won't unless she has stronger feelings for you. If she's gone, then call her to make sure and just move on as friends. I really like this girl but she has a boyfriend so I didn't really try even though a lot of people thought we were dating lol. We're just friends and she is getting close to breaking up with him I don't know why though lol


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  • You can't trust her anymore here, dear. I see nothing but a full circle pattern with her. She always put you on a back burner, in her back pocket, and no matter what, you will never be Number One in her life, just have nothing but strife.
    Don't listen to all the mush and gush of whatever violin she is playing. She will end up breaking your heart every time, with every lullaby she sings you and whatever... String she pulls when she decides you're... Hot.
    Good luck. xx

  • She sounds like no good


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