Why won't guys text/call their ex first even if they miss her and still have feelings for her?

To what extent will a guy drop their pride and talk to their ex? I know guys are really prideful and superior so they usually don't want to show their weakness and initiate conversations with their ex even if they miss her and still have feelings for her. But what would make a guy come back and talk to their ex? And try to get them back?


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  • Just because you think it is prideful and weak for a guy to call an ex doesn't mean that is a guy's actual motivation. Perhaps he understands that returning to a failed relationship is almost always a mistake, because the problems that led to the breakup will still be there. So, maybe it is smart/wise, not prideful/weak.

    The fact that you look at his situation and think you understand and ascribe to guys some unflattering motivations says something about what kind of person you are. You should ponder what impression this makes on others.

    • I understand where you're coming from and I wasn't clear enough but he is a really egoistic person. With the many arguments they had, the girl always withdraws and apologizes without a second thought. No intentions on targeting this at all the 'guys' out there, just some of them are too prideful to give in.

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  • Sometimes guys won't call or text their ex because they know that it's better off to leave it. Maybe their ex hurt them or something and they don't want to be with her, even if they do still have feelings. Sometimes you can still love someone but it's just not enough to sustain a relationship. After all, there was a reason it didn't work in the first place, maybe it's better to leave it and move on when you can then go back and potentially get hurt again.


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  • Who broke up with whom?

    • The guy broke up with the girl because he wanted to 'work on himself' and become 'successful' before getting into a relationship.

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  • I think it depends on the man personally. I don't think all men think they are superior.


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