Did he really want me back or not?

He broke up with me in February of this year and I was heart broken, but I accepted it and tried to move on but he kept contacting me and confusing me so I had enough and told him I never wanted to speak to him and a month went by then he starts contacting me at least once a week but we talked as friends. Then slowly he asks how I feel about and if I would date him again. We. I told him I still loved him and he said he still loves me and he also said he wanted me. Last week he called and text me a lot and said he would come see me but he didn't. I text him last night but he never responded now I feel like a fool.

I really didn't want to text him because I don't want to come off as needy but I also didn't want him to think I wasn't interested in him because for the past month he has been texting and calling me.

Should i I just wait to see if he contacts Meir should I just let him go and block him for good, I just feel so sad again.


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  • As hard as it may be for you, I recommend you block him and ignore him as best you can.

    Him considering getting back together with you is not love, but lust. I had a girlfriend who wanted her "independence" so I left. Funny thing is she was always the one initiating contact and offering to do things together. The problem with that was I realized she was using me for her convenience and didn't like being alone. Sorry, but that's no longer my problem, and it's not yours either.

    Like you, it took me a long time and a lot of emotional turmoil to get over her, and I didn't need her interjecting herself during my time of trying to heal and move on just so she would have something to do when all these guys she said she would go out with if they asked her weren't calling her.

    I knew the only thing to do was make the decision to be done, cut her off from contacting me and continue processing my feelings until I felt better.

    Here's the thing. If you agreed to get back together with him, things might be good for a while; great even. However, he's done this to you once already, and there's a 99% chance he'll do it again, so keep that in mind.

    He's already getting all wishy/washy on you after he's pried his way back into your heart. You do not need or deserve that, and he made his decision and it's time for him to respect you and leave you alone.

    • You're so right I do need to block him because he doesn't really care and I already am starting to feel sad all over again because he told me he loves me but his actions show me that he doesn't. I just need consistency in my life not some like him who just comes in and out of my life. Thanks for the advice :)

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    • When he first started contacting me again I was very guarded then he starting contacting me more often recently and telling me how he feels about me and I let my guard down now I feel emotional all over again and it sucks because I love him very much, but I know I have to let go because my heart can't take this anymore.

    • I agree with you. Keep in mind, the more you resist, the harder he'll try to win back your trust. Please don't fall for it.

      I've also been in his situation, where I wanted what I no longer had; even though I was the one who broke up with my then fiancee. Looking back, I'm both embarrassed and ashamed, but I did learn a lot about how I thought I wanted her back because I loved her and realizing I wanted her back because of my own insecurities and control issues. I'm honestly glad my ex was smart and strong enough to resist my countless attempts to win her back, knowing I would eventually revert back to the guy I was at the time we split.

      You will get over this guy, and it's probably going to take some time. That's okay, though. And as tough as it is, I think you're understanding letting him hang around and conversing with him will only make things that much harder for you. It's not worth it.

  • There is no right or wrong answer for your question. The guy seems to be confused. Do you have time for his confusion to settle or do you just want to move on? I personally think you should let him go and move on.

    • I just want to move on I tired of the way he is acting, he actually called me yesterday and he completely is now backing out of what he told me and pretty much just acted as if he never told me he wanted me or loves me so I'm thinking about blocking him because I know if I don't he will continue to call me.

    • Yeah, you should definitely move on. You shouldn't have to deal with this. I'm sorry.

    • Thanks for your opinion it helped me.

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