How do you know if you're over someone? I feel empty?

Had a mutual break up with my boyfriend. We became friends instantly after our break up for 2 months but I was still kind of treating him as more than a friend and he was getting annoyed. So I wanted cut contacts for awhile so I could move on and get over my feelings. After a few days of no contacts, I don't feel anything? I don't miss him that much or that sad or lonely. Why am I feeling this way?


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  • it tends to happen when you try to become friends with an ex, it's weird, kind of numbs the feelings that you should feel from a break up. "hey, we broke up, but we still talk and all". maybe he isn't doing as well as you are, that's why the "treating him more than a friend" thing made him annoyed


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  • once u don't think bout him often i guess

    • Do you think its a good idea to talk to him again soon? We've agreed we would be friends and I'm more than happy to be there for him. But I'm scared I might fall backwards.

    • if u wanna get over him,... better don't talk

  • you have moved pass him congratz

    • I still want to work things out with him though, so I don't think I've actually moved on?

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