Guys want to have their cake and eat it too?

Guys have you ever gotten left by a girl you really liked because you didn't want to settle down and wanted to have your cake and eat it too? Did you end up with something worse regret being selfish and not settling down with her?
For a relationship


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  • I wow, sounds like you *want* some guy to be unhappy because he didn't want *you specifically* enough to start bringing courts and God into it... Bitter much?

    • I don't want a guy to be unhappy. It was a general question about whether guys have been selfish in the past and regretted their own selfish actions. But sounds like you're the guy who's probably gotten left by every girl you've been with and you're probably bitter about that. Don't worry honey I'm sure someone will settle down with you eventually 😘

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    • Care to elaborate on the whole mixed carton situation? You can message me at ashley34 if you would like

    • It says you only accept messages from followers, and I hit follow, and it still isn't letting me pm you...

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  • whats with the cake? i thought there would b an actual cake.. or a pic or cake.. or maybe i m just hungry..


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  • You mean marriage? Hell no. I'd never regret that.

    • No for a relationshop

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    • It basically means that you're casually dating a lot of girls at one time. One of them you really like but you don't want to get in a relationship because you like the feeling of being able to talk to multiple girls. The one girl that you really like leaves because of your selfishness and you're stuck with a lot of girls that give you an ego boost, but none of them you really connect with like the girl that left you.

    • Ohhhhh. Nah I haven't experienced that yet. It takes time to get to know someone and by then she'll know if I'm messing around with multiple girls or not. So in other words about time that I really get to know her and like her she'll know how I am and probably will be okay with it at that point.

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